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this is truthfully my first ever giveaway entry. pasni nk rajin2 kan diri la join giveaway, dapat la berkenal2 dgn penganjur2nya.. ok, back to the subject, i have been a silent reader of her blog (and still is) and she has never failed to impress me with her hand-carved stamps. cantik sgt2... i really wanted to join the giveaway but i just couldnt find the right time to write the entry.. so, arini, at the very last day, puan tanah pun berenti sekejap dari menjahit dan menulis entry untuk giveaway mangosteenskin ni =)

her rules are simple, puan tanah cuma kena tulis an entry about the giveaway and name an object/animal/plant etc that puan tanah wants to see in a form of stamp. hurm, i would really love to see an xbox360 console carved on the stamp (so that i can give it to my hubby for his near coming birthday, if menang la... haha)

now2, i hope others will join her giveaway too! you have less than 24 hours to write an entry, but hey, its worth a try.. check out entry tentang giveaway di sini :

mango's game

selesai sudah rasanya enrty giveaway ni, so pasni nk tinggalkan jejak di ruangan comment untuk prize draw =) all the best everyone and have fun knowing each other =) =)

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